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The Golden Kitty Awards (#GoldenKittyAwards2023 )

enero 23

Los premios Golden Kitty organizados por Product Hunt, son básicamente como los Oscar de la tecnología (celebran los mejores productos, los fabricantes más innovadores y los miembros de la comunidad más solidarios del año pasado).

El proceso de votaciones estará abierto hasta este próximo domingo 21 (11:59 pm PST), y los ganadores serán anunciados el martes 23 de enero.


  • Product of the Year: The “it” product of the year. The products in this category had the greatest impact on your stack and the tech community in 2023.
  • Developer Tools: These tools helped make even the most complex bug bashes easier. IDE’s, copilots, and everything in between.
  • Design Tools: These tools were sharp enough to land on the desktop of seasoned creatives, or simple enough to help the aesthetically-challenged make art.
  • No Code: These no-code tools lower the barrier of entry for everyone to be a maker, and help technical makers ship faster.
  • Data & Data Security: Feel free to nerd out on data with us here. These products gave us a better way to crunch numbers and a safer place to keep it all.
  • Open Source: The products in this category chose to be open source, enabling collaboration, transparency, and rapid development. And we all got to reap the benefits.
  • AI Product: From art to copy, these tools made generating creative content a breeze and made us go «Woah, that was cool.»
  • AI Features: They might not have started with AI under the hood, but the AI features these products folded in last year were pure fire.
  • AI Model: AI models progressed to near-human levels of understanding in 2023. The products in this category responded to complex tasks and made us think «AGI is imminent!»
  • AI Infra: The tools in these categories are making it faster and easier to build the AI products taking over our stacks.
  • Finance Tech: From startup funding to personal finance, these products took on the task of reimagining how banking, investment, and payments work.
  • Mobile App: These products live in your pocket and follow you everywhere. It’s mobile apps, of course.
  • Web3 & Crypto: These blockchain-supported products brought sound ideas to the web3 space and convinced us, despite the dips, that WAGMI.
  • Personal Productivity: Take time to vote for the products that helped you get it done this year by helping manage time and tasks more efficiently.
  • Productivity for Teams: Teamwork makes the dream work. These products live and breathe collaboration.
  • Marketing & Sales: Always be converting or closing with these products built to make the machine go brrr.
  • Community & Social: Always be converting or closing with these products built to make the machine go brrr.
  • Bootstrapped & Small Teams: The products in this category turned limited resources into top notch products that our community loved.


enero 23
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