Top 100 Security Assessment, Vulnerability Auditing, & Network Security Tools

En esta entrada dejo una recopilación de 100 utilidades de seguridad Open Source que he encontrado vía, y que dejo publicada con el objetivo de revisar y comparar con el Top 100 Network Security Tools de

Ni que decir tiene que esta recopilación tiene ya un tiempo, y que las urls puede que no funcionen o apunten a algún sitio fraudulento asi que ¡mucho ojito!

Orden Utilidad Descripcion Dirección
1 Stockade Virtual Appliance with Snort, BASE, Inprotect, CACTI, NTOP & Others
2 Nessus Open source vulnerability assessment tool
3 Snort Intrusion Detection (IDS) tool
4 Wireshark TCP/IP Sniffer- AKA Ethereal
5 WebScarab Analyze applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols
6 Wikto Web server assessment tool
7 BackTrack Penetration Testing live Linux distribution
8 Netcat The network Swiss army knife
9 Metasploit Framework Comprehensive hacking framework
10 Sysinternals Collection of windows utilities
11 Paros proxy Web application proxy
12 Enum Enumerate Windows information
13 P0F v2 Passive OS identification tool
14 IPPersonality Masquerade IP Stack
15 SLAN Freeware VPN utility
16 IKE Crack IKE/IPSEC cracking utility
17 ASLEAP LEAP cracking tool
18 Karma Wireless client assessment tool- dangerous
19 WEPCrack WEP cracking tool
20 Wellenreiter Wireless scanning application
21 SiteDigger Great Google hacking tool
22 Several DDOS Tools Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS) tools
23 Achilles Web Proxy Tool
24 Firefox Web Developer Tool Manual web assessment
25 Scoopy Virtual Machine Identification tool
26 WebGoat Learning tool for web application pentests
27 FlawFinder Source code security analyzer
28 ITS4 Source code security analyzer
29 Slint Source code security analyzer
30 PwDump3 Dumps Windows 2000 & NT passwords
31 Loki ICMP covert channel tool
32 Zodiac DNS testing tool
33 Hunt TCP hijacking tool
34 SniffIT Curses-Based sniffing tool
35 CactiEZ Network traffic analysis ISO
36 Inprotect Web-based Nessus administration tool
37 OSSIM Security Information Management (SIM)
38 Nemesis Command-Line network packet manipulation tool
39 NetDude TCPDump manipulation tool
40 TTY Watcher Terminal session hijacking
41 Stegdetect Detects stego-hidden data
42 Hydan Embeds data within x86 applications
43 S-Tools Embeds data within a BMP, GIF, & WAV Files
44 Nushu Passive covert channel tool
45 Ptunnel Transmit data across ICMP
46 Covert_TCP Transmit data over IP Header fields
47 THC-PBX Hacker PBX Hacking/Auditing Utility
48 THC-Scan Wardialer
49 Syslog-NG MySQL Syslog Service
50 WinZapper Edit WinNT 4 & Win2000 log files
51 Rootkit Detective Rootkit identification tool
52 Rootkit Releaver Rootkit identification tool
53 RootKit Hunter Rootkit identification tool
54 Chkrootkit Rootkit identification tool
55 LKM Linux Kernal Rootkit
56 TCPView Network traffic monitoring tool
57 NMAP Network mapping tool
58 Ollydbg Windows unpacker
59 UPX Windows packing application
60 Burneye Linux ELF encryption tool
61 SilkRpoe 2000 GUI-Based packer/wrapper
62 EliteWrap Backdoor wrapper tool
63 SubSeven Remote-Control backdoor tool
64 MegaSecurity Site stores thousands of trojan horse backdoors
65 Netbus Backdoor for Windows
66 Back Orfice 2000 Windows network administration tool
67 Tini Backdoor listener similar to Netcat
68 MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
69 OpenVPN SSL VPN solution
70 Sguil An Analyst Console for network security/log Monitoring
71 Honeyd Create your own honeypot
72 Brutus Brute-force authentication cracker
73 cheops / cheops-ng Maps local or remote networks and identifies OS of machines
74 ClamAV A GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX
75 Fragroute/Fragrouter Intrusion detection evasion toolkit
76 Arpwatch Monitor ethernet/IP address pairings and can detect ARP Spoofing
77 Angry IP Scanner Windows port scanner
78 Firewalk Advanced traceroute
79 RainbowCrack Password Hash Cracker
80 EtherApe EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for Unix
81 WebInspect Web application scanner
82 Tripwire File integrity checker
83 Ntop Network traffic usage monitor
84 Sam Spade Windows network query tool
85 Scapy Interactive packet manipulation tool
86 Superscan A Windows-only port scanner
87 Airsnort 802.11 WEP Encryption Cracking Tool
88 Aircrack WEP/WPA cracking tool
89 NetStumbler Windows 802.11 Sniffer
90 Dsniff A suite of powerful network auditing and penetration-testing tools
91 John the Ripper Multi-platform password hash cracker
92 BASE The Basic Analysis and Security Engine- used to manage IDS data
93 Kismet Wireless sniffing tool
94 THC Hydra Network authentication cracker
95 Nikto Web scanner
96 Tcpdump TCP/IP analysis tool
97 L0phtcrack Windows password auditing and recovery application
98 Reverse WWW Shell Shell access across port 80
99 THC-SecureDelete Ensure deleted files are unrecoverable
100 THC-AMAP Application mapping tool

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